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India Emergency Visa Services For Urgent Visa For Fast Travel in India

We are visa agent with experience of dealing India emergency visa for people who need to travel India urgently. We help for emergency visa application from Bristol, London, Manchester, Birmingham, Leeds, Glasgow, Southampton, Liverpool, Luton, Newcastle and rest of the UK. Life is very uncertain and sometimes people have to travel India for family emergencies for urgent trip that could be family events such as wedding, engagement or religious ceremonies or urgent business trips.


India Emergency Visa Charges in UK £130 (Including Indian government fees plus agent fees) per application

All the above prices includes Indian govt fees plus our agency fees to process your visa application for emergency visa. Our team will do the process and save you from hassle of applying Indian visa. Our experienced team can liaise with you and secure urgent visa for you and your family members.

Call us on 0203 667 2700 / 0786 751 7693

If you need Indian emergency visa than please text us or whats up our team and we will get back to you as soon as possible. We have dedicated team of visa agents who can work on your emergency visa application right away in London, Canary Wharf, Southwark, London Bridge, West End, Shoreditch, Central London, East London, West London, South East London, South West London and North London.

Indian Emergency Visa Agent in London (Updated 2023)

India offer emergency visa services to the people who genuinely need visa for emergency such as death or serious illness of immediate family member. Applicant will required to provide proof of emergency such as doctor letter, letter from hospital, death certificate of an immediate family member.

What will be consider emergency in terms of Visa?

Indian government have strict criteria in terms of definition of emergency.  Emergency like death or serious illness of immediate family member will be considered emergency. Event such as wedding of a family member, engagement, birthday party, religious events are not consider family emergencies.

Indian emergency visa services

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What is India emergency visa?

Some time people have to travel to India with short notice to attend a family emergency. In terms of family emergency for visa purpose are these, death of an immediate family member or hospitalization of an immediate family member in India. There are some other situations that Indian high commission might consider applicants India emergency visa application. Each such case will be handled by the Indian high commission and no agents can interference or affect this decision-making process. Life is uncertain and people might need emergency visa to India death in family. We can help you, but you would have required to attend the appointment,

How long does it take to get India urgent visa?

Indian urgent visa can be granted within 24 Hours or sometime sooner depends on the emergency. Our experienced team of Indian visa agents can complete your visa application within a few hours and book your appointment as soon as possible. We have to wait until we get confirmation from Indian high commission for visa appointment. Emergency travel to India from UK is not easy specially Indian visa application is a complex process.

How much Indian urgent visa cost?

Indian emergency visa cost around £300 for UK customers and prices changes based on each country. India high commission in different countries have different pricing plan based on local needs. Urgent India visa is more expensive compare to regular visa because of speed and urgency. Emergency visa to India during COVID-19 is an expensive option because of limited travel to India.

What I have to do to get an emergency visa for India?

Once you have contacted our experience India visa team and decided to use our services. We will charge our fees in advance, and then we can start the process with a short notice. Emergency visa to UK from India can be started once the customer has paid our fees.

Do I have to go for emergency visa interview?

Yes, one of the main applicant has to go for India emergency visa appointment. All the other members of the family do not require attending urgent visa interviews. Emergency visa application process is a complex and time-consuming process. Indian high commission receive many such request on daily basis, so they can not guarantee faster response.

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